5 tips to help you Dress well!

The need to dress appropriately cannot be over emphasized. As a matter of fact your appearance is the first thing a person sees when he approaches you , this involves your clothing,hair,makeup,shoes,etc…

To help you dress well i will enumerate 5 things to bear in mind:

1:The Occasion: you don’t want to go to a birthday party looking like you are going for an office meeting neither do you want to go to church as if  u are attending a disco party. Its a really a serous issue because sometimes I see people dress badly for occasions,most times not deliberately but due to ignorance. So before attending a party ask yourself : what kind of occasion is it going to be? Who will be attending? What will I wear that will be appropriate and not trashy? On my blog I will be posting pictures of what to wear and what not to wear to a particular outing



2: Your Age: It is important to dress with your age in view. You definitely would not want to be the joker at an outing because you dressed like a child or like an old woman. You will do well to wear clothes befitting your age and look beautiful and respectable. Wearing clothes of a younger person won’t make you look younger. You do well to avoid clothes that are not age appropriate even if it’s trending.

3:The Weather: In a bit to look trendy ,we don’t what to wear wrong clothes for the weather. Imagine wearing a sweater or turtle neck long sleeved dress in the heart of the hot season or summer, it would simply be uncomfortable and out of place. So have clothes for each season and once a particular season is up,pack up those clothes till they will be needed again!

4: Your Image; Image is everything. No wonder it is said to dress the way you want to be addressed! Yeah,it is super important you know your dressing could be telling a different story from who you are as an individual. So on my blog am going to be having a series of fashion police verdict! People will be fined or freed depending on what they wear. No one would deliberately want to be dressed in a way she would be taken for a call girl because her clothes say that is what she is. Your image is what you want people to see when they look at you and the best way one can achieve that is through one dress style.

5: Your Body: Hmmm…… This is an area where a lot of Naija babes are guilty o! When I see big ladies with big tummy wear clingy dresses that show the flabs and contours in the wrong places I really feel like screaming…… Your clothes don’t need to be tight fitting to make you look slimmer or shapely, all plus size women really need is to know what kind of clothes suit their body type. It is not only big babes that are guilty,we are all culpable! Women body shapes can be divided into at least 4 body types :

1: hour glass

2: triangle shape

3: rectangle shape

4: apple shape


So dressing well involves knowing your body types and dressing accordingly to flatter your figure and look amazing.

On my next post I will throw more light on body types and appropriate clothing to suit each one.

Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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