Welcome to my blog!!

Am so thrilled and elated to finally get to writing! Its been ages since I have been longing to do this,finally here I am!

My name is Ufuoma Omoluru, creative director and CEO of Voila! Wears. Am also a fashion coach and mentor,fashionista,fashionpreneur(actually my coined word for myself …lol) mom,wife,blogger…etc. Fashion has always been a passion for me since I became aware of my surroundings…

Naijababe is a social platform I intend  using to express my love for fashion,style,business,family and what is more ; especially to inspire women like me ,afrocentric Naija women especially!

Being a woman,a black woman in the 21st century is a blessing but comes with its own challenges. Naijababe encompasses all women in Naija and in the diaspora whether you are just a girl,a married woman,a grandmother, an aunty…..we are all babes! We always want to look our best and stay young if we have the power to. I always agree with the popular saying: age is a thing of the mind! …yes o! You are only old if you feel so….hats off to great women in history like Oprah Winfrey,a great philanthropist and a protégé of Maya Angelo who has touched lives through her TV programs and philanthropy . Maya Angelo that fought for human rights with Martin Luther King and who  has influenced women through her writings and public speaking….. These are noteworthy women beautifully in and out,who fought for what we are today and gave us a voice for change and recognition!. In naija one woman that particular catches my fancy is  Florence Utah Giwa,ever stylish and has been a pillar of support and encouragement to the younger generation. Not forgetting to mention  Joke Silva ,black,beautiful, intelligent and loyal companion to her husband of many years!

So you see already on Naija babe issues ranging from fashion,lifestyle,relationship, family,entrepreneurship will be x-trayed… It promises to be a very exciting journey!

So sit back as I take you on a journey into my world….

Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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