Work Clothes

Hey once again. I discover over time with regards to women’s wardrobe that there is a constant conflict as to what to wear to work ,how to wear it and where to get it.

Some mornings can be crazy as you struggle to get out of the bed and get ready and find something suitable to wear….phew…… I know it can be rather very flustering!

Here are some quick guide to help me chose your work clothe carefully so you will always be ready and able to find something to wear even in that rush!

1: A black skirt ,whether tube or pencil is a must. It can be worn all week and no one will pay attention to it. Pencil skirts are also very flattering. Invest in skirts if you must be work ready,you never get enough of them!

2: A black and Nude pant. Yes nude is the new black,you can always get away with it. It matches almost every color of top or jacket and gives you the sassy look. I prefer straight cut pants though for work although boot cuts are trending again!. for me straight cuts are simply the best.

3: You definitely need a LBD,  in full it is a little black dress. Your little black dress can be straight,flare or an Aline.A LBD is very versatile can be worn in a lot of ways. You can use a colored scarf sometimes on it. On another occasion you could use a jacket,and at another time use beads or accessories to change the look. What’s it’s more ,you always get away with wearing it severally without eyebrows been raised ! You can get affordable ones to buy online or you get a good tailor to make some for you.

4: Jackets,yes just get different colors so you can easily throw over your skirts,dresses or pants. Make sure you have a black and nude colored jacket cos you can never go wrong with these two and you can wear severally without anyone be bothered it’s worn too frequently ,although it is no one’s business! Balogun market is a good place to get nice dresses .

5: Invest in good shoes! You don’t have to own a closet full of shoes to be work ready. Make sure you have at least 3 good pairs. A black,Nude and maybe Navy blue or brown,they work with almost everything. I know you can get good ones in Balogun market , also at Arena in oshodi, you will get very good designer shoes from 7,000 naira,its unbelievable!

6: Accessories: they are pretty affordable ones in the market. Depending on where you stay,you can get in Balogun market, Arena in Oshodi or the trade fair market at Abule-ado in Lagos. You can also buy online and get it shipped to you!


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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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