starting a business? 5 things you should know!

Its a beautiful day again! Thank Jehovah for a new opportunity to dream ,plan, aspire!

One new trend  is to be an enterpreneur Yes we all want to have multiple sources of income for those who work or own a business already. For those who don’t, it is imperative we start doing something because it is no longer an option or in vogue to be a stay at home mum or full time housewife as it is popular called in Nigeria… Lol.

When you see successful entrepreneurs you can’t help but want to be like them someday. But it doesn’t happen just because one wishes for it or overnight. There is always a history behind every success story. Sadly many don’t bother to find out, rushing into a business because others are seemingly making money out of it is a huge recipe for disaster.

I am not a business coach but an entrepreneur with years of experience. So all I will be posting is not mere theory but proven facts! So if you are ready to start a business think seriously about the following especially here in Naija!

5 things you must consider!

1:Passion for what you intend doing. Without passion you will fall by the way side. Passion for your chosen field is what will keep you going when the odds are against you. Nothing is guaranteed in a business set up. One fact that you can’t escape is that mistakes will be made ,lessons will be learnt,your passion is what will motivate you to go on! So when choosing a business ,do it not for money making potential only but also because its what you love doing. I am into the  fashion industry because this is me and it makes me happy. So what about you?

2: Profitability. No one starts a business as a charity. Profits must be made to make the it sustainable. Hence the saying passion plus profit equals wealth! Always do a survey to know what people need and want before jumping into a particular business. And don’t forget: reduce your risk by testing out whatever you have in mind!

3: Resources: some businesses are capital intensive others are not. So make sure you have calculated the cost so you don’t get  into debts and run out of business even before the it even kicks off. Better still start small and learn on the job than pouring so much into a new business that has not been tested. That’s why for ladies especially I recommend starting from home first. You can run virtually all businesses online using Instagram,Facebook or Whatsapp. Start by selling to your friends and family to test the popularity of your intended line of business. You don’t need millions to start a business. They are even some businesses you don’t even need to invest a dime. Yea…trust me!

4:Your circumstance! Yes I say this because you need to know what you can handle considering your present constraint. Are you a mum? A wife? A student? Aged? Do you have poor health? Are you mobile? Do you know how to use the internet? Are you a creative person? What are you limitations? These and many more soul searching questions will help you know what you can handle business wise.

5. Believe in yourself! In every business they will be challenges but you must face them heads on. No big business started easy and you don’t have to be a genius to successfully run a business. Just be a firm believer in you! And the skies will be your starting point.


So ladies ,it’s a wrap .. Don’t mind me oh I love to share my experience…. So share if this article has helped you!

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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