Plus size: what not to wear.

Sometimes when I see some plus size women wear certain clothes ,I feel like going to yank the clothes off them and tell them to stop! Yes,its a very serious matter o.

We African women are well endowed and sometimes with fat in the wrong places,especially the Tommy area,arms and sides! Its our reality oh.

My qualms is with fellow naija sisters who in the name of looking young,sassy and trendy forget they need to dress according to their body size.

So before I list some dos and don’ts for plus size sisters I want us to understand who is a plus size?

Plus size is a beautiful way of saying one is big,plump or fat. Once you are size 16 upwards (UK) you are a plus size! Some of us have issues with sizes ,I don’t blame them because sometimes it is rather confusing because different designers with their sizes,also sizes differ per region, like you have UK 16, US 16, Euro 16 etc

For purpose of standardization I will use UK measurement. So a typical naija size 16 is a bust: 42/43, waist 36/37.

Yes having established who a plus size is,let’s talk about the rules!


1: don’t wear bodycon dresses if you have big stomach,flabs and buttocks

2: avoid wearing clothes with exaggerated sleeves. If you must then the dress should be knee or midi length and straight

3: don’t wear stripes across

4: Avoid fabrics with big patterns as they don’t flatter.

5: don’t wear ball skirts

6: stay way from booth cut pants


1: Wear midi dresses or skirts they make you look taller and slimmer

2: wear more of darker colors because the hide your flabs. Colors like black,blue,coffee brown,dark purple…..these colors also tend to make you look slimmer.

4:You should wear clothes with small stripes as opposed to bold ones


5; Do more of elbow length fitted sleeves

6; Wear shift dresses!

7: keep makeup simple

8: fitted pants or jeans are superb

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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