How to make your Ankara last! all love Ankara but sometimes don’t know how to care for them .

One thing you should remember about Ankara is that they are fast colors hence the need to handle them with care. The fact that when you wash Ankara and the color runs doesn’t mean it has faded. Its probable that one of the dying substance was not added in adequate quantity. If you are very familiar with the tie and dye ,you will understand what I mean

They are actually two types of Ankara in the market now. The synthetic and the cotton. The synthetic ones are the ones will call China ones. They have the nylon feel. These are cheaper bit not necessarily bad quality. I must confess they are easier to handle. Because of the rubbery nature it doesn’t fade,except a few of the very inferior ones in the market.

The cotton Ankara is most desirable ,for one it is more body friendly and also tends to be of a higher quality. These are the ones that particularly needs care when washing.

Firstly you don’t wash very often ,doing so will make it fade quickly. So to be able to wash not so frequently, always use a deodorant or body spray,it helps your clothes smell fresh even after Long day of wearing. After each wear air it out by spreading on the line. You can do this up to 3 times before you wash.

Next, if you have to wash,use a mild soap and don’t wash too vigorously. Concentrate on the armpit, neck and bottom areas. If you must wash in a washing machine set to standard and use Ariel machine wash. Don’t wash for long,just a few spin and you are good.

Lastly remember that salt helps the color stay on. If after washing you notice the color is running,just get a bucket add warn water and put plenty salt and let sit for 30 mins and rinse afterwards . This will help hold the color in.

All the best as you keep enjoying the wide variety of Ankara in the market!

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