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Everyone needs a friend! God didn’t make us hermits or to be alone. The need for friendship is so real that it can’t be ignored.

In the quest for having friends people have really hurt themselves and have subsequently resolved that having friends is a no no!

Real friends make the world go round, it fills a need that is innate. If you have not been fortunate enough to find good friends you are not alone. It’s a problem that has existed for centuries.

Great men were betrayed by those claiming to be their friends. But it doesn’t make it an impossible mission to find good friends.

Do you know that there exist a friend that sticks closely than a brother? Yes! I don’t want to sound preachy but I believe in the Bible and it confirms it.

So if it is within reach to have loving friends, how can we find genuine ones with whom to share our happiness,sorrow,joy,pain,future plans,aspiration,friends that we can laugh and cry with and share memorable times with?

Here are a couple of fundamental guides to having such ones:

1: Values: we must look for those who share same values as we do,so they don’t Rob off the goodness in us.

2; Forgiver: oh this is very important. One we call a friend must not be the type that harbours grudge,if not it would be detrimental to our existence in the long run.

3: Knowledge: It takes a while to know someone. You can just meet someone and immediately call the person “my friend” It sounds so tacky! You should find time to get to know the inner person of the heart,after which you will decide if the person will be your friend or not. The same thing applies to relationship.

4: Real: we want to forge friendship with real people, with whom we can put a face. While it is true some people have met over the internet and even gotten married,it is important we know personally who we call a friend. On the net many people hide their identities, men pose as women and vice versa. What is more you can’t really know an individual only by correspondence. A lot of people have been raped,killed or duped through so called friends they met on the internet. A word they say is enough for the wise. It doesn’t have to happen to you to be wise!

5: Be a friend: if you want a good friend you also have to be a good one first. If you know what you expect from one you call a friend you have to be all that first, then you can be worthy to expect such in return.

6: Realistic: be realistic in your expectations! No one is perfect,so those we call friends can offend us from time to time. This doesn’t mean they are no good. It only shows no one is perfect and that we are humans. So be willing to tolerate and overlook certain issues that are not life threatening or harmful to us to keep good friends! You can help them become better persons through your forgiveness.

NB: these are applicable in all type of relationships

So if you have found this article educative feel free to share!

Everyone needs a friend!

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