Exit your comfort zone!

I have always been a firm believer in trying new stuffs. Yea but sometimes it can boomerang ! That not withstanding if you are the type that only sticks to what she knows,then it is time to take some risks. I particularly like to experiment with clothes!

It is so much fun when you try new things. Life is short and can be boring if you only stick to what you know.

I remember once I traveled to an African country and I went to a restaurant where they served buffet for Lunch and guess what ? Yours truly was so wowed by what she saw that she decided to experiment with the delicacies…..the result was disaster! I couldn’t eat the meal,and what pained me the most was the fact that the meal was so expensive! ….lol.From that day I decided to always go with what I was familiar with o! 😂

Hey but that not withstanding I still try new stuffs o but only when it’s not so expensive.

So here is the plus: with clothes you can actually try clothes you ordinarily won’t go for, you may be shocked at the result. It could just be the style you needed all the while! Don’t make your dressing too predictable and one dimensional. Maybe you only wear short skirts, may you should try midi or maxi skirts. Do you only wear elbow length sleeves because you think your arms are too big

?..then maybe its time you try a shorter sleeves and let yourself free!

I have customers that always felt a certain type of dress was not meant for them until they try it and they were always thankful I pushed for change!

The best way to try new looks is to walk into a boutique and try clothes that are not usually your style. For Ankara clothes walk into a ready to wear shop and do same!

This is a challenge…you can thank me later after you must have done the aforementioned….

I want to know what you think..feel free to drop a comment and let the fun begin!

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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