Understanding women’s sizing chart

Today on my YouTube page I talk about understanding dress size chart and how to go about buying a dress or making one using different sizes.

Once you know how to work with sizes, as a fashion designer or dress maker, the job becomes easier!

For US women sizing chart, the numbers are lower because their sizes are bigger. So if you want to buy a Uk size 12 for example , you may do well to go for a size US 8 or 10 depending on the designer.

For European sizes, all you need to know is your hip measurement and you are on track.

Here is my take on UK women sizing chart for black African women.

As a designer I use standard Uk size chart and I adapt it a little to suit women of colour or Nigerians, giving attention to their body peculiarities. Understanding this basic is necessary to get your sewing or buying to a great start!

You can also create your own size chart using these given below as a guide for your customers if you do ready to wear. If you are just going to be buying from a particular shop or brand, always use the chart they provide online.

These are just guides and my own analysis

Small :6-8
Medium 10-12
Large 14-16
XL 18
XXL 20-22
XXL 24-26

The following measurements are essential in determining your dress size:


Round sleeves


Size 10
Bust – 34
Shoulder- 15

Size 12
Bust- 36
Shoulder 15

Size 14
Bust -38
Hip- 42/43

Size 16
Bust – 40/42
Hip- 44/45

Size 18

Size 20
Bust 45/47
Hip- 50

Size 22

Bust 50

Waist 42

Hip 52

Shoulder 17

Size 24/26

Bust 52/54

Waist 45

Hip 54/56

Shoulder 17

Bust 50

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