Unveiling of my new Ankara collection!

Am super excited because I will be officially opening a Voila! Wears outlet in Lagos! Yea I actually started out in Warri,Delta state but took a break to focus on the more important tinz….you know that as a lady a time comes in your life where you must prioritize.. Yes I chose family and IContinue reading “Unveiling of my new Ankara collection!”

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas in Ankara

Hmmm…..are you getting married? Or are you still yet to find Mr right but are fantasizing on how your wedding pre-wedding,or honeymoon will be? Oh! if that is the case ,girls I have here just what you need! Weddings are like fairy tales,every girl gets to be a Cinderella on her wedding day. The preContinue reading “Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas in Ankara”