Irresistible African prints Short .

Shorts are always easy to wear and an eye candy. Ankara shorts gives shorts a whole new meaning,they are super cool and absolutely adorable! If you are not bold enough to wear it out,you can wear indoors or to the beach. Check out these Ankara shorts designs and am sure you will want to haveContinue reading “Irresistible African prints Short .”

Big Brother Naija..who is your favourite?

The Big Brother Naija 2018 started with so much anticipation! But seriously am not feeling the big brother’s Voice o!…. Lol. His voice is not as intimidating as the previous ones. The housemates are so many that I find it rather tasking trying to figure out who is who…phew! The opening ceremony was lite withContinue reading “Big Brother Naija..who is your favourite?”

What your Favorite colors say about you!

The colors you wear or love say a lot about your personality. Wearing bright colors like Red,Yellow,Pink,Orange…….say you are warm,exciting ,passionate and adventurous! Red: bold,courage,passion,love and rage. Yellow: Fun and Vibrant Pink: Romantic and soft Orange: creative and happy. If you love Dark colors ,it also shows you are conservative,reserve and a very calm person.Continue reading “What your Favorite colors say about you!”

Exit your comfort zone!

I have always been a firm believer in trying new stuffs. Yea but sometimes it can boomerang ! That not withstanding if you are the type that only sticks to what she knows,then it is time to take some risks. I particularly like to experiment with clothes! It is so much fun when you tryContinue reading “Exit your comfort zone!”