Ankara bride’s maids dresses!

It is so exciting to see Ankara do a complete take over in the Fashion main stream! Whether it is in fashion,weddings,interiors,accessories or kiddies ,it is simply heart warming. Have you ever thought of having an Ankara theme wedding? An occasion where the bride,the groom,the bridesmaids all wears Ankara inspired clothes?. If you have not,Continue reading “Ankara bride’s maids dresses!”

Friday Swag with Ankara Tops!

We are always happy when the weekend begins! Dress down,hanging out with friends,parties,fun,family time…….a lot on our mind! TGIF has become a popular slogan that makes all the weeks work look like it never happened…… I look toward to Friday because I get to slow down and have more family and me time,what about you?Continue reading “Friday Swag with Ankara Tops!”

Ankara maternity!

Being pregnant is every woman’s dream come true…! The feeling when you know you will soon become a mother is unexplainable ,better experienced than imagined. After the knowledge comes the challenge….. What to wear ! Comfort is a pregnant woman’s watch word! Here are some Ankara styles to boost your wardrobe during those beautiful 9Continue reading “Ankara maternity!”