How to make your Ankara last! all love Ankara but sometimes don’t know how to care for them . One thing you should remember about Ankara is that they are fast colors hence the need to handle them with care. The fact that when you wash Ankara and the color runs doesn’t mean it has faded. Its probable that oneContinue reading “How to make your Ankara last!”

Choosing your friends wisely!@

Everyone needs a friend! God didn’t make us hermits or to be alone. The need for friendship is so real that it can’t be ignored. In the quest for having friends people have really hurt themselves and have subsequently resolved that having friends is a no no! Real friends make the world go round, itContinue reading “Choosing your friends wisely!@”

Step out in style with Ankara!

Am such a huge fan of Ankara fabrics and designs ! They are simply irresistible, from a wide array of fabric designs to the fabulous styles being created,it is an absolute love at first sight. What’s there not to love in Ankara! Some years back it was all about laces with their different names likeContinue reading “Step out in style with Ankara!”

Ankara shift dresses are the best!😉

Shift dress has become a household name especially for fashion designers or those in the fashion business. What exactly is a shift dress? Let me explain in a lame man’s language…lol…it only refers to dresses with a bit of shape but not hugging. It comes most times with just a breast dart and sometimes withContinue reading “Ankara shift dresses are the best!😉”