DIY: what it means

Hi fans,it feels good to be here again. Many of us have heard the term DIY but we don’t really know what it stands for! DIY is an acronym for Do it yourself! Yes my Naija sisters it is high time we do a lot of things ourselves. All of us whether young or oldContinue reading “DIY: what it means”

Plus size: what not to wear.

Sometimes when I see some plus size women wear certain clothes ,I feel like going to yank the clothes off them and tell them to stop! Yes,its a very serious matter o. We African women are well endowed and sometimes with fat in the wrong places,especially the Tommy area,arms and sides! Its our reality oh.Continue reading “Plus size: what not to wear.”

5 great styling tips

The need to dress appropriately cannot be over emphasized. As a matter of fact your appearance is the first thing a person sees when he approaches you , this involves your clothing,hair,makeup,shoes,etc… To help you dress well i will enumerate 5 things to bear in mind: 1:The Occasion: you don’t want to go to a […]Continue reading “5 great styling tips”