Summer time Inspiration

YouTube: @stylewithufuomaomoluru Hey fashionistas! It’s been a crazy week for me, I got my first Covid vaccine jab! Not sure how I am feeling but 🤞….I hope I dont get any side effects!😁😅 So, here is the gist😜 I made this sassy summer African print Assymetric top and I just posted how I made itContinue reading “Summer time Inspiration”

The new face of trend

Life and fashion has never been exactly the same since Covid 19! A lot has changed. The way we live, work, do business, keep relationships, shop, interact and even dress! Wearing a facemask has become an indispensable part of everyday wardrobe. Little wonder there has been a lot of fabulous and stylishly designed facemasks toContinue reading “The new face of trend”

DIY projects: from plain to sassy!

Here is the gist… So as one of my new ongoing projects for my master class, I turned a simple sleeves aline crew neck line dress into this beautiful summer, cocktail….. dress! And lots more.. I will be uploading the students projects as they come in..🕺 I believe we have all got talent, some areContinue reading “DIY projects: from plain to sassy!”

The Librating feel of Flow

The feeling of easy, comfy, retro,swirl and elegance. kaftan in its glamorous new avatar, is becoming a fashion favourite and the best part is its unparalleled comfort, especially in the summer season. Fashionistas are loving this trending outfit for beach vacations, cocktail parties as well as formal events. Kaftans whether made from chiffon, crepe,cotton,lace,satin,voile,silk orContinue reading “The Librating feel of Flow”