KENTE” is a brilliantly colourful fabric, entirely hand-woven by Ghanaian weavers. The brilliant colours and intricate designs associated with Kente have definitely made this fabric the best known of all Ghanaian, and perhaps even all West African textiles. Every design has a story with a proverbial meaning, giving each cloth its own distinction. The Akans, fromContinue reading “DID YOU KNOW….?”

Learn to sew online

Learn a skill and fish for life! Do you want to learn how to sew? Do you know someone who would love to sew? Could it be your mom, sister or friend.? You could gift a sewing course and impart a life! Join my sewing club and see how much it adds to your generalContinue reading “Learn to sew online”

How to make a trendy Cowl design Kaftan dress

Sewing a dress for yourself can be daunting and intimidating. But not impossible 😁. Watch on my YouTube channel how I made this super flattering, comfy draped kaftan dress. Dont forget to share a picture with me if you made yours!😉. Have fun!

Tee-Shirt Makeover

How are you all doing? Covid is still lurking around! Please stay home and safe if it is an option! My post today is about remodeling your old or new tshirts to make them fancy and trendy! So many ideas you can try out! The interesting part of this is that you don’t need toContinue reading “Tee-Shirt Makeover”