Do it yourself: African Map Sweatshirt Tutoral

Sewing is fun and easy when you know what you are doing.

DIY projects: from plain to sassy!

Here is the gist… So as one of my new ongoing projects for my master class, I turned a simple sleeves aline crew neck line dress into this beautiful summer, cocktail….. dress! And lots more.. I will be uploading the students projects as they come in..🕺 I believe we have all got talent, some areContinue reading “DIY projects: from plain to sassy!”

Tee-Shirt Makeover

How are you all doing? Covid is still lurking around! Please stay home and safe if it is an option! My post today is about remodeling your old or new tshirts to make them fancy and trendy! So many ideas you can try out! The interesting part of this is that you don’t need toContinue reading “Tee-Shirt Makeover”