A hidden Truth….

The truth about being your own boss……. It is generally thought that when you work for your selfyou have more leisure time. Hmmm….is that really the case? While it is true being your own boss has its own beauty,sometimes you even work harder than you would working for someone or a firm. The reality ofContinue reading “A hidden Truth….”

The moment you start seeing life in colors…you become less judgemental, less critical, less argumentative less bitter and more JOYFUL! What does it mean to see life in colors? It means you accept people will always be different, will think and act in unique ways,even when you dont understand…you accept people and their behaviours asContinue reading

Exit your comfort zone!

I have always been a firm believer in trying new stuffs. Yea but sometimes it can boomerang ! That not withstanding if you are the type that only sticks to what she knows,then it is time to take some risks. I particularly like to experiment with clothes! It is so much fun when you tryContinue reading “Exit your comfort zone!”